Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi
Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi
Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi
Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi
Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi
Portrait photo in Gran Canaria — 10 ideas where | slavik.fi


Photographer in Gran Canaria


In the modern digital and overly visual world, everyone needs sufficiently good photos of themselves. Were it a job application, social media profile, dating site or magazine photo, the photo is often the thing that gives the first impression about the person. A good portrait tells who and what you are.One should invest in a portrait, even only for themselves! A successful portrait is also a nice memoir for your family and friends.

How to act in a photo?

Many people think that they are not very photogenic. Some are very anxious before the photoshoot. If you are not used to pose in front of the camera, do not worry. It is my mission as a photographer to do a lot more than just press to press a button. My mission is to find the best angles to photos and achieve a relaxed environment. I give suggestions about poses, where to look, facial expressions etc.

The ideal place to take a portrait

Las Palmas, and the entirety of Gran Canaria is a great place to take portraits. Gran Canaria is, in fact, one of the photography locations of well known international fashion brands! The island has ideal natural light and favorable environment for photography all year round. Many movies have also been filmed on the island. One of the recent ones is “Allied” from 2016, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Areas were found in Las Palmas to represent the Casablanca in the ‘40s.

Options for setting

The city of Las Palmas alone has a lot of different options for a photo setting. Do you want a fresh photo on the light sandy beach? Or an atmospheric picture from the historic streets of the Old Town? Or a relaxed photo while leaning on the counter in a bar? Tell your wishes and I will find a suitable setting.If you want a portrait outside the city, that can be arranged as well. For example a special canyon, where lights and shadows play around depending on the time of day. Sand dunes of Maspalomas, which are a setting for several ad photos. Agaete at the sea with white and blue buildings, beach made out of small stones and seawater pools in the nature. Subtropical coffee farm with mango, orange and papaya trees.

10 ideas where take portrait pictures in Gran Canaria

  1. The Old Town of Las Palmas
  2. Las Canteras and El Confital beach
  3. Agaete
  4. Desert Dunes of Maspalomas
  5. The garden of your hotel
  6. A canyon Barranco de las Vacas near to Agüimes
  7. Puerto de Mogan
  8. Anfi del Mar
  9. Coffee farm in Valle de Agaete
  10. Mountains

Makeup and hair-do for photos?

If you so desire, we can arrange a professional makeup and hairdo for your photo shoot. If you are wondering about what to wear, I can also give tips on clothing options for different environments.

Other portraits

In addition to portraits, I also take other personal photos. For example couple photos, Love Story photos, wedding photos, and family photos. My newest addition is sports photos.

First time in Gran Canaria?

Are you coming to Las Palmas or to Gran Canaria altogether for the first time? You may be positively surprised! You can find information about sights, culture and the history of the island from laspalmas.fi.If you want to know more, please contact me!

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