Photographer Gran Canaria Maspalomas, Mogan |
Photographer Gran Canaria Maspalomas, Mogan |

Photographer Gran Canaria

Slavik Robtsenkov

Hello! I´m a photographer in Gran Canaria. My name is Vjatseslav — Slavik for short. I’m from Estonia and I’ve been living in Finland for over 15 years, and since 2015 in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.Even though I’m a professional local photographer, I’m constantly studying for more. One can always learn something new in this industry. Technology keeps on developing and new photo editing possibilities emerge all the time. Photography trends keep on changing. The wishes and needs of customers are changing. One can always improve their visual eye. This is why I go to photography courses regularly. Lifestyle photos for you!

Pro Portrait Photoshoot in Gran Canaria

Portrait photography

In individual photos, portrait photography, you don’t need to be nervous either. Incase you’re not used to being in photos, it is not a problem. I strive to find the angles and positions suitable just for you.  Book Private Photo Session with a Local Photographer.

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Love Story Photographer Gran Canaria: A couple kissing on the beach at sunset

Love story — photos 

Love story photos are similar to wedding photos but more free-form. No wedding dresses or wedding anxiety It is a tale of love as seen through a camera, a compilation of moments captured in time that showcase the genuine beauty and love of inter-human connections.

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Maternity Photographer Gran Canaria: A pregnant man and woman standing on the beach

Pregnancy photo shoot

Are you trying to find a special place to take your pregnancy pictures? Gran Canaria is the only place to look! Beautiful beaches, breathtaking desert vistas, and other attractions may all be found on this Spanish island.

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Sport Photographer Las Palmas A woman is carrying a stand-up paddle board in the ocean.

Sports photography

Sports or exercise photos have increased in popularity lately. Sports bloggers want better quality photos in their posts. Companies that offer sports training require photos for advertisements. And mere sports enthusiast want to have a sports-style portrait sometimes.

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What do I take photos of?

 In photography — and in portrait photography alone — there are many styles and genres. For example: portraits, fashion photography, child, wedding photo shoot, couple, family and beauty-photography, etc. All of these require a different set of skills from the photographer. Sure, I take all kinds of pictures, but my specialties are portraits, couple photos (Love Story), wedding photos and family photos. 

What is required from a photographer?

Photography is — first of all — documentation, but an art form as well. Professional photographer, with a professional camera, should be able to do more than just set the camera settings right and click the shutter release button. In portrait photography the subject usually wants to look their best. So it’s not enough that the picture is technically successful. Facial expressions, gestures and posture have to be perfect as well. Also the photographer should keep an eye out for clothes, make-up, hair, etc. which have to look good during the photography. 

In the case of portrait photography, social skills are also required from the photographer. It is important, that the subject feels comfortable and enjoys being in front of the camera. And, of course, listen to the wishes of the customer before the photo session. What do they want? What kind of photos they need? 

Skin defects, obtrusive details in the background and the hue of the photos can be edited with good photo editing software. All of this takes time and skill, so that the final photo looks natural and balanced. 

The model as the star. Setting creates the atmosphere. 

Even though the background is people, the main subject of the photos is always the people. Mellow and warm atmosphere of the Canary Islands creates a perfect setting for this. Weather conditions in the Canary Islands are usually always the best for photography. It is bright and sunny all year round. It’s green during all seasons. The sunset in the Canary Islands can be stunningly beautiful, which is an amazing background for portrait photography.

Las Palmas and Gran Canaria 

Las Palmas has really beautiful places for glorious portraits, couple photos and any kinds of photos of people. For example the beach of Las Canteras during sunset. The park of Parque Doramas with its floral splendor. The rose garden of Castillo de La Luz. Atmospheric streets of the Old Town. The heart-shaped island in the Southern part of Anfi del Mari, amongst others. The dunes of Maspalomas. Agaete and the coffee farms in the North. Here are a few excellent photography settings. There are — of course — a lot more places to photograph for a successful photographer. 

Photographer Gran Canaria — The pricing of the photography

On the price-section you can read more about the prices. For example, portrait photography in the beach of Las Carteras in Las Palmas, starts from 150 €.

Photography is also a good gift idea for a friend or loved one! Who wouldn’t want glorious pictures of themselves in a beautiful setting?

Call or email me and ask more! Tel. +34 622 276 499 (Whatsapp)  

Photographer Canarian Island, The Desert Gran Canaria. Portraits, Love Story -photos, and family photos for you vacation time! Also business portrait — headshot. Also, if your hotel permits photography in its garden and lobby, I can capture some lovely pictures of your holiday for you.


Talented and Professional

Photographer Slavik is a professional photographer in Gran Canaria with an extraordinary gift for capturing his customers' special moments in stunning, one-of-a-kind ways. In addition to being attentive and kind, he manages to put his customers at ease during picture sessions. The costs are reasonable, and Slavik gets the pictures to you fast.When it comes to documenting memorable occasions, love tales, and family gatherings, he comes highly recommended.

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Photographer sunset maternity photo shoot Maspalomas Gran Canaria

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